December 14

One Last Time…

Hi guys,

Wow, what a year it has been, we have done a lot of things, from maths challenges to fitness workout and learning about Albert Einstein. But these stories i’m about to share with you are challenging, exciting, jaw dropping and edge of your seat scenarios. So are you ready to have rewind into the things we both have done in 2016.

A great success story is when I finally learned my 7, and 8 timestables of by heart. I was thankful for that one poster in my bedroom that I would practice before I go to bed. Also another story is when I came first in the athletics for 100m sprint. I was so astounded by what I had accomplished and I thought I could never do it. But here comes the challenge I had to write three things my newspaper report my graduation letter and finish  my glogster. I was really under the pump and I thought there is no way I could do this. But I destroyed all the odds and I did them all with a day to spare. Another challenge was when I got smashed in the 400m race at athletics I came second last. I felt really bummed about the lost but I told myself it was just a race and  I could have anotherimg_3382 chance next year.  But my greatest success was when after two years I finally scored a lacrosse goal for inter school sports. The amount of relief that was off my shoulders was ridiculous. Plus I was the only one on the team that had not scored a goal in a lacrosse game.

Overall it has been a great year full of excitement and happiness sadly this is my last one before I go into high school. And I can’t wait to start a whole another journey at Parade.

Bye guys for the last time,



December 9

My Last Carols

Hi guys,

Last Night we had our Christmas Carols. Sadly for me this was my last Carols at  St Margaret Mary’s. Both seniors joined together to sing two songs. They were, The First Noel and O little Town Of Bethlehem. My favorite song that we sang was The first Noel because I knew all the words of by heart. The most challenging thing was trying to keep the same pitch as the song. My favorite class was middle S because they sang my favorite song Silent Night and they sounded beautiful. We also had three whole school songs they were the Italian Santa Claus is coming to town, We wish you a merry Christmas and Jingle bells.  Overall I think all the classes did a great job and they all song greatly but one thing we could work on is trying different songs.

What’s you favorite Christmas Song?img_0542



November 25

Combat Fitness!

Hi guys,

On Thursday we started Combat Fitness. This is all about getting fit while learning some new moves. The most challenging thing was do all the stretches, man they were hard.  It’s cool how you body can take all these fitness activities.  We mostly did the activities on our core (stomach). Overall this was really fun and I cant wait to put these moves to the test.img_1102

Here is a video of us doing plunges:


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November 23

Christmas Baubles!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been doing Christmas activities in art. The activity I enjoyed was Christmas Baubles. Where we has blow green paint on a paper to make the Christmas tree and then we cut out the balls on the paper to make the baubles. This is a very Christmas spirit task and I really enjoyed it and I was really proud of my Christmas tree and I hope we do more in the future.file_000-2

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November 17

Recommendation 12

Hi guys,

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the Blewett report and how it explains the Recommendation 12. On the 25th off November politicians will be voting for clear labeling for palm oil on all products. We had to write a persuasive letter to the politicians to make them vote yes. Here are some facts about palm oil. I was surprised that it is in 50% of products, and in Sumatra and Borneo they are chopping down forest (deforestation) which is badly affecting the Sumatran Orangutans, Tigers and Elephants. I also learnt that instead of labeling palm oil as palm oil it is usually labeled as vegetable oil. I wonder if the politicians vote yes and we label palm oil, how many consumers would buy the products that hided palm oil from them? I predict that the politicians will vote yes because it will allow consumers to know what is in their food and have an choice in what they buy.  Here is my strongest reason why they should vote yes and my favorite paragraph from my letter.

“84% of people want clear labeling of palm oil on all products. Consumers want to know what is in their food.  83% also think that labeling should be mandatory through the law. 90% of New Zealand also want Mandatory labeling”.   


Would you say Yes or No?








November 9


In Italiano this semester I learnt a lot about Italian Migration  story and how the Italians have impacted Australia. The person that I was researching was Called Johnny Di Francesco.  The impact that Johnny had on Australia was pretty big because he owns the number on rated pizza joint in the world.  This really inspired me \because it says even those your in a new country you still can achieve anything. I really like this topic And it shows how a lot of people can change an entire nation.  One word I really found interesting was quando”

November 3

Stewards Of The Earth!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the Creation and Stewards of the Earth. The first thing that I achieved was “Identify how human beings have misused God’s creation and name some solutions to environmental concerns” . I achieved this because now I understand how people misuse god creation. EG: People are littering which then is killing seals and other sea animals. Another one I have Achieved is. “Describe Pope Francis and the laudato si”. I achieved this goal because I understand how Pope Francis wants us to change the world from War to Peace. EG: This is the year of mercy so Pope Francis wants us to be kind and enjoy each other with love and peace, “ Build walls not bridges”. The last one I achieved was “Explain the concept of ecological conversion and identify how human beings care for creation”. I achieved this because I know that people are trying to make a change, so the world can come together. EG: The Year Of Mercy.

Do you know any of these things?

– file_000-1Josh

October 28

Interschool Sports –

Hi guys,

Today we found out our Interschool sport teams, I am in the soccer team. I am looking forward to playing on the field because just before the game I always get that adrenaline rush. The skill I most want to develop on is 6d1dbdc836e775eea8db8aa5afe3f6b0Taking a touch into space. I think that chemistry makes a good soccer team because you all get along.


What do you think makes a good team?

October 18



Hi guys,

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Angles. I am most proud of how far I have come with angles, at the start I didn’t even know what a reflex angle was, and now I can draw one. I find angles very hard because you have to be very accurate with your measure. I learnt that all the angles in a regular Triangle adds up to 180 degrees. Its cool how you can tell if what degree it is just by measuring it. Next time I will remember to be more accurate with my measuring so when I come to an assignment with angles I will be ready.

Here is a video about the basics for Angles, so you guys can learn something as well.


– Josh   

October 14


Hi guys,


On Monday both seniors went to the zoo. I learnt that that orangutans are becoming extinct because people are chopping  the trees they live in for palm oil. I am most proud of touching a slimy frog because I am not good with animals or slimy stuff. It was cool how David Attenborough came to Melbourne Zoo and the only animal he wanted to see was the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect. I Explored a lot in the reptile section which included Snakes, Crocodiles and Turtles. I really enjoyed the Zoo and I would like to go there again.