November 30

Writing Fantastic Article

Yesterday we started Drafting articles for a class newspaper. I am writing my article about the most common cancers and most common cancer stages. So far I have found out that breast cancer is the most common cancer and the most common cancer that people die from. This topic is a bit tricky but I think I will get past it.


What topic would you choose to write about?

November 17

School Swimming



Today we started School Swimming. We go to a place called ‘Elite Swimming’. It’s  pretty small but very clean, last year was our first year going to ‘Elite Swimming’.  We used to go to the Northcote Pool but we stop because how much the buses cost. I went up one group from last year which was the middle group. I’m also very good at backstroke and freestyle. We all love swimming and we hope that you will join ‘Elite swimming’.


What your favorite type of swimming style?


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November 12

School Sports Day

Hi Guys,

On the 12/11/2015 we had our second School Sports Day. We have four different teams. Blue, which i was in, Yellow, Green and Red. First was the sprints. I was trying my best but I only came fourth place. After sprints we had some activities. My favorites where discus,  poison ball and shot put. Next was long distance running. All the grade 5/6s  had to do 3 laps of Allard Park. I entered the race. It was a big mistake. It was so hard my legs where about to fall off. I came no where close to first. The School relay was fun as. It  was awesome because you did not know who you were versing and it might be a grade 6 or prep. The last activity was hurdles which was my favorite because I love jumping over hurdles and I always come first in it. All day was fun and Blue team won it all with 239 points.IMAG2111

What team would you go for or which team where you in?STMM_SPortsday_2015_-188