February 29


Today I learnt all about Natural Disasters. Hands on science came to our school on the 29/2/16. His name was Charlie and he showed us all these crazy experiments. My favorite experiment was when we put a fizzy tablet in a volcano with a lid on top. In about five seconds the lid exploded because of all the pressure from the fizzing. This was to show us how a volcano explodes.

Do you love crazy science experiments  ?  IMG_2485

February 23

Deng Adut The Hero

In Religion we have been learning about Deng Adut. Deng inspired me to always have hope when you are in a bad time or place. As you will see in the video it is full of hope and emotions as Deng goes through some tough times but he always hade hope. So I recommend to watch the video and see how lucky we are compered to Deng.

February 19

Welcome Back!

Hey guys its Josh here welcome back to my awesome blog. I hope you’re still loving my posts, though I was away for six weeks because I was on holidays but don’t worry I will still be putting great posts. See you next time!