April 27

Less We Forget

Hey guys,

On Monday it was ANZAC day. We all remember those who fought in the world war one to make our country what it is today. On Friday we had a prayer assembly about the ANZAC’S and why they are so important in our lives. Here is me reading a prayer of the faithful.


What do you know about the  ANZAC’S?

April 22

Moving a can with a balloon?

Hi guys,

We did a science experiment that showed when you rub a balloon on your hair invisible electric bolts move onto the balloon surface. Then the aluminium cans  interacts with the electric bolts causing the can to follow the balloon.  This is called STATIC ELECTRICITY.

Check out the video link to see how you can do this at home.

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April 20

He Has The Brains

Today in Reading we learnt about Elbert Einstein. We learnt all about his history and how he became famous. Here are 5 facts about Elbert Einstein.

  • He was born in Germany – 1879 March 14
  • He failed his test to get into University
  • Once he failed his test he moved over to Switzerland
  • He figured out this formula E=MC2 (Speed of light)
  • He Developed  The General Theory of Relativity.

So know you know a little bit about Elbert Einstein

Click on the link to watch a Video about him.


April 14

Coordinates Make Shapes?

Hey, guys

Today in Maths we learnt Coordinates and we had to make shape in the grids and then write down coordinates of the shape.  My shapes where Triangle and a Diamond and we also had to flip the shape slide it and rotate it and write down the coordinates. This activity was a lot of fun and challenging.

What shapes would you have done?

April 12

Our Class Meeting

Hi, guys

On our first day back from holidays our teachers showed us Class Meetings. A Class Meeting is where a bunch of students go in a circle, with the chair who is the boss of the meeting and the chair chooses a note taker who writes down  what people are saying. The students have  little name tags that they turn over so the chair knows that they have something to say. Our topics where Donald Trump, T20 World Cup and Barkley Square bike ride. It was really fun and we are doing more of it in the future.sbGroup