May 27


Hi guys,

On Tuesday we had buddies, my buddy is called Ted. My 2 goals where to ask more questions to Ted  to be able to learn a bit more about him. My second goal was to be a good role model and show the right way to lead so when he is in grade six he can show his buddy how to lead.

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May 20


Hi People,

Today we had the Cross Country, my age group was 12/13 I came 22  out of 50 which I think is pretty good. 4 people out of our school made it into the next Cross Country, one person came 10th and the rest came 3rd . But overall everybody did a wonderful job. One tip I would give you guys is don’t sprint of the start and keep your pace. Good luck for next year IMG_3372 (1)

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May 17


Something I am working on is my grammar. This is because in dialogue sometimes I will not use talking marks or not put a full stop where there are meant to be. Sometimes I don´t put capital letters where they are meant to be and no question marks. The way I could improve on this by working hard in class and practicing  at home.


Do you guys need to work on anything?







May 10

Running Machine

Hey, guys


On Wednesday we had Cross Country trials I was in 12/13 and I came 5th out of 10 people. In the first 5 meters two people fell while they were running in a big pack. The most challenging things were: trying not to walk,  jogging the whole way  and keeping up with the others. I did make it into the district Cross Country team, which I’m so happy about. Next time I while remember to keep my breathing up, and jog at normal pace.