June 22


Hey guys,


Today we had our Sleek Geek Premiere as I have told you in the past but this was the movie day. The task was to create an Imovie about  a Chemical or Physical change. In my group was Alessandro, Benjamin and Me. Our question was, How Does Solar Energy Convert Into Electricity? I believe that my group had a lot of effects in our Imovie. Examples, Green Screen, Text, Filters, Voiceover and photos. But one thing our group could of work on is, we use our time more efficient and be more organized. Some groups said  that our sound and filming was a bit off but overall it was a good video.

This is our video please leave some feedback and enjoy.




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June 21

Keep It Or Destroy It

Hi guys,

Last week we had to write a persuasive letter to the council about keeping the tree or or crushing the tree. I was on the side of keeping the tree. The most challenging thing was to find good persuasive answers, to make my letter persuading. I was surprised at how many people wanted to cut down the tree. I wonder if this memorial is actual a thing in the world. Also this is a book about a grandfather that comes home from war and talks about the tree.

This is my letter to the council about why I think it should be saved.




June 17


Hi guys

Yesterday  I explored The Crossing Fraction Method. This is a really fun method and easy to find the bigger fraction. The most difficult thing was working out the multiplication on which number it is. I wonder  if there is a easier way  to find out the bigger fraction. But l still found this is an easy way to find the bigger fraction.

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June 16

The Masterpiece

Hey Guys,

Today I finished my masterpiece which I am really proud of. This masterpiece is about Donald trump losing his keys to his house and he has to be interviewed. The most challenging thing was trying to keep it funny but informational at the same time. I am proud of my self because I really tried to make this one of my best Screenshot 2016-06-16 at 3.00.25 PMwriting pieces and I think it  went well. Overall I really like this task and hope I do it again.

June 10

Welcome Back Art!

Hey guys,

In Art this term we made a decorative ceramic tile using Sharpie markers and paint diluter. It was a fun and hard task at the same time. I drew a shark eating a poor little fish, I am very proud of my creation and drawing . The ink in the Sharpie markers is hydrophobic meaning that it is not soluble in water. However, the molecules of ink are soluble in another solvent, paint diluter.  This solvent when mixed with the Sharpies creates all the beautiful colours and patterns. Overall I think this was a great task and I hope there is more in the future. File_000

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June 7

Sleeks Geeks For The Win!

Hi guys,

In our Inquiry we have been making iMovies about chemical and physical changes. I have really enjoined this topic and have learnt a lot about it. I am most proud  of my group and what we have accomplished together. Our question was, ´how does solar energy convert into electricity?´ This question is  a physical change focus. Next time when I am researching I will remember to try include more information.

The movies we are making are for the Sleek Geeks competition. Here is the winner from last year!

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June 3

Multiple and Division

Hi, guys

Over the past few weeks the Seniors have been learning different strategy on Multiplication and Division strategies . My favorite strategy is the algorithm which I think is the hardest strategy because it is very complicated. The other strategy we have learnt is called the Split Strategy, which is pretty simple. This is by far my favorite topic in maths and I cant wait to share more.

Here is a video to show you the algorithm strategy for multiplication.


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