July 26

Vietnamese Hero

Hey guys,

Yesterday Mũi Mũi a migrant from Vietnam came to St Margaret Mary’s. Mũi Mũi told us about her whole journey to Australia. I predict that you will not believe what Mui Mui had gone through. She had escaped from Vietnam by boat and on the boat  Mũi Mũi had to sit crossed legged with her son on one lap and daughter on the other and no food. She had to do this for five days and she was vomited on. It was a very overcrowded boat. She said the most difficult thing was keeping a positive attitude while kids were crying, people vomiting and no food or water. I was surprised that a human being could go through such hardship and still be thankful about it. Overall I believe Mũi Mũi is the most toughest and positive person I have ever met.

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July 19

Mathematical Treasure Hunt

Yesterday we had a treasure hunt inside of the school. We had to draw a map of the school from birds eye view and write step by step directions to find our little treasure items. My partner was Noah, I believe we really work well together and we did out best trying to make the treasure hunt hard as possible but not to hard. Our Learning Intention was to use North, East, South and West in our directions which I think we accomplished nicely.  We had to swap with another pair of partners and they were Alesandro and William. We had to use their map and directions to find their five treasures, and we did find all their treasures. After we found all their treasures we had to give them a two things they did well, and one wish. The other group said that our hiding places and our map was neatly done but if we could give more pacific location. There example was, we said that it was near the drink taps and we put it under the drink taps. So if we could’ve said look under the drink taps it would of been better. I learnt how to use North, East, South and West effectively to help people find me and Noah’s treasure. This activity was not easy or hard but it was really fun and I hope we continue on this road


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July 11


Hey guys,

I am back from my holidays and I have come with three goals I would like to share with you. I am determined to be more interactive with my prep buddy. I can do this by talking and playing with him at play time and get to know him better. Its cool how my prep buddy knows a lot and I hope I can  help him expand on it. My second goal is to not distract others and focus more on my work. I can do this by not always sitting next to my friends so I can let them get on with their work and I can focus. My last goal is to work on my editing in writing but mostly reading over my work. I can work on this by doing writers note book at home and just working on editing and then show mum or dad if I have done it properly. I hope I can accomplish all these goals by week eight of term three which is this term.