September 2


Over the past week we have been learning about different types of poems.  Which includes Cinquain, Limerick, Haiku and a Rhyming. I think the most challenging poem was the Haiku because it has to be about nature, and in the first line all the words combined need to have five syllables and then next line seven syllables and last line, again five syllables. One of my favorite poems was the Cinquin, this is a very structured poem. And it includes, a noun in the first line basically what the topic is , and then second line is two adjectives. Line three is three verbs and line four is a detailed four words to represent the topic, and the last line a different noun about the topic. I am most proud of my CinquainFile_000 which was about lightning. In my honest opinion I really enjoy poems and I hope we do this topic again and so I can get better at them.

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