November 3

Stewards Of The Earth!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the Creation and Stewards of the Earth. The first thing that I achieved was “Identify how human beings have misused God’s creation and name some solutions to environmental concerns” . I achieved this because now I understand how people misuse god creation. EG: People are littering which then is killing seals and other sea animals. Another one I have Achieved is. “Describe Pope Francis and the laudato si”. I achieved this goal because I understand how Pope Francis wants us to change the world from War to Peace. EG: This is the year of mercy so Pope Francis wants us to be kind and enjoy each other with love and peace, “ Build walls not bridges”. The last one I achieved was “Explain the concept of ecological conversion and identify how human beings care for creation”. I achieved this because I know that people are trying to make a change, so the world can come together. EG: The Year Of Mercy.

Do you know any of these things?

– file_000-1Josh

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