November 23

Christmas Baubles!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been doing Christmas activities in art. The activity I enjoyed was Christmas Baubles. Where we has blow green paint on a paper to make the Christmas tree and then we cut out the balls on the paper to make the baubles. This is a very Christmas spirit task and I really enjoyed it and I was really proud of my Christmas tree and I hope we do more in the future.file_000-2

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September 14


Over the past two weeks in art we have been doing Clay Models.  Christina taught us all about Clay and what components make up clay. I learnt that Clay drys very quick and that you have to be quick with your decisions. I want to know more about were the original clay comes from but Christina hinted that it is somewhere where water is. I am most proud of  my clay model even though the other one broke I am still proud of my work.  I really enjoyed this art project and I hope we do more with clay.

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June 10

Welcome Back Art!

Hey guys,

In Art this term we made a decorative ceramic tile using Sharpie markers and paint diluter. It was a fun and hard task at the same time. I drew a shark eating a poor little fish, I am very proud of my creation and drawing . The ink in the Sharpie markers is hydrophobic meaning that it is not soluble in water. However, the molecules of ink are soluble in another solvent, paint diluter.  This solvent when mixed with the Sharpies creates all the beautiful colours and patterns. Overall I think this was a great task and I hope there is more in the future. File_000

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March 23


File_000 (2)Have you ever seen pebble art?

In art we have been doing pebble art. the idea was to make something out of pebbles and little rocks, as you can see in the picture my idea was big pebbles to make the out side of the fish and then small rocks to make the skin. This was really fun and I hope to do it in the future.

What would you make?