October 14


Hi guys,


On Monday both seniors went to the zoo. I learnt that that orangutans are becoming extinct because people are chopping  the trees they live in for palm oil. I am most proud of touching a slimy frog because I am not good with animals or slimy stuff. It was cool how David Attenborough came to Melbourne Zoo and the only animal he wanted to see was the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect. I Explored a lot in the reptile section which included Snakes, Crocodiles and Turtles. I really enjoyed the Zoo and I would like to go there again.




September 15


Hey guys,


Over the past few weeks  we have been doing a migration menu.  This is for out Inquiry topic and we could choose from Issues, Policys, Migration waves Organization, I choose Policys. For out entree we could of ch, Explode the moment coose from ven digram timeline and mapping, I choose timeline. For Main We could choose a Historical narrative or Explode the moment, I choose Explode the moment. And for dessert I choose Imovie. .This included a Canape, Entree, Main, and Dessert. The most important thing I learnt was that it was very hard for Non – White people when the White Australian Policy Was around. I enjoyed making my dessert which was a Imovie  about The White Australian Policy. It was hard to write the explode the moment because I had to find described language. I think that I really enjoyed doing the timeline which was my entree and the timeline Is the big things that happened when the White Australian Policy was on.

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August 3

The Heart Of Migration

Hi guys,


Yesterday all seniors classes went to the Immigration Museum. This was because we are learning about Migration. The most challenging thing was trying to do The dictation and keeping up with him. If you did not know the Dictation is where they test if you can speak the common language in that country. Three things I learnt is that 572 Americans have migrated to Australia. Another thing is that sometimes people just dont migrate because of war they might come for different reasons like Peace, Freedom, a New lifestyle or a New Opportunity and finally I learnt That you have to go into camps when you are migrating. Two wonderings I have is, Who came up with the name Migration? And Why do we need Migration? And one Opinion I have is That we should have bigger boats so people can stretch their legs and the government should supply the boat with food. I wonder how do we get these boats and how buys the boats? It was cool how you can go into the boast and see how difficult it was in there.



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July 26

Vietnamese Hero

Hey guys,

Yesterday Mũi Mũi a migrant from Vietnam came to St Margaret Mary’s. Mũi Mũi told us about her whole journey to Australia. I predict that you will not believe what Mui Mui had gone through. She had escaped from Vietnam by boat and on the boat  Mũi Mũi had to sit crossed legged with her son on one lap and daughter on the other and no food. She had to do this for five days and she was vomited on. It was a very overcrowded boat. She said the most difficult thing was keeping a positive attitude while kids were crying, people vomiting and no food or water. I was surprised that a human being could go through such hardship and still be thankful about it. Overall I believe Mũi Mũi is the most toughest and positive person I have ever met.

tạm biệtIMG_0934



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June 22


Hey guys,


Today we had our Sleek Geek Premiere as I have told you in the past but this was the movie day. The task was to create an Imovie about  a Chemical or Physical change. In my group was Alessandro, Benjamin and Me. Our question was, How Does Solar Energy Convert Into Electricity? I believe that my group had a lot of effects in our Imovie. Examples, Green Screen, Text, Filters, Voiceover and photos. But one thing our group could of work on is, we use our time more efficient and be more organized. Some groups said  that our sound and filming was a bit off but overall it was a good video.

This is our video please leave some feedback and enjoy.




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June 7

Sleeks Geeks For The Win!

Hi guys,

In our Inquiry we have been making iMovies about chemical and physical changes. I have really enjoined this topic and have learnt a lot about it. I am most proud  of my group and what we have accomplished together. Our question was, ´how does solar energy convert into electricity?´ This question is  a physical change focus. Next time when I am researching I will remember to try include more information.

The movies we are making are for the Sleek Geeks competition. Here is the winner from last year!

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April 22

Moving a can with a balloon?

Hi guys,

We did a science experiment that showed when you rub a balloon on your hair invisible electric bolts move onto the balloon surface. Then the aluminium cans  interacts with the electric bolts causing the can to follow the balloon.  This is called STATIC ELECTRICITY.

Check out the video link to see how you can do this at home.

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March 23


Do you know what a natural phenomena is?

This is my news report I made in my inquiry investigation about volcanoes.

I’m am really proud of how much time I put into this project.

I found it challenging to get all the information with added detail and get key facts in the article.

Next time I will work on my presentation more, making sure I edit better.


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February 29


Today I learnt all about Natural Disasters. Hands on science came to our school on the 29/2/16. His name was Charlie and he showed us all these crazy experiments. My favorite experiment was when we put a fizzy tablet in a volcano with a lid on top. In about five seconds the lid exploded because of all the pressure from the fizzing. This was to show us how a volcano explodes.

Do you love crazy science experiments  ?  IMG_2485