December 14

One Last Time…

Hi guys,

Wow, what a year it has been, we have done a lot of things, from maths challenges to fitness workout and learning about Albert Einstein. But these stories i’m about to share with you are challenging, exciting, jaw dropping and edge of your seat scenarios. So are you ready to have rewind into the things we both have done in 2016.

A great success story is when I finally learned my 7, and 8 timestables of by heart. I was thankful for that one poster in my bedroom that I would practice before I go to bed. Also another story is when I came first in the athletics for 100m sprint. I was so astounded by what I had accomplished and I thought I could never do it. But here comes the challenge I had to write three things my newspaper report my graduation letter and finish  my glogster. I was really under the pump and I thought there is no way I could do this. But I destroyed all the odds and I did them all with a day to spare. Another challenge was when I got smashed in the 400m race at athletics I came second last. I felt really bummed about the lost but I told myself it was just a race and  I could have anotherimg_3382 chance next year.  But my greatest success was when after two years I finally scored a lacrosse goal for inter school sports. The amount of relief that was off my shoulders was ridiculous. Plus I was the only one on the team that had not scored a goal in a lacrosse game.

Overall it has been a great year full of excitement and happiness sadly this is my last one before I go into high school. And I can’t wait to start a whole another journey at Parade.

Bye guys for the last time,



October 4


Hey guys,

I have some new goals for you guys to know. My first one is to have a better attitude towards the teacher and show more respect. And the last one is to pay more attention to  the teachers and when they are explain stuff. So I hope you enjoyed my goals, and I hope I can achieved them.



July 11


Hey guys,

I am back from my holidays and I have come with three goals I would like to share with you. I am determined to be more interactive with my prep buddy. I can do this by talking and playing with him at play time and get to know him better. Its cool how my prep buddy knows a lot and I hope I can  help him expand on it. My second goal is to not distract others and focus more on my work. I can do this by not always sitting next to my friends so I can let them get on with their work and I can focus. My last goal is to work on my editing in writing but mostly reading over my work. I can work on this by doing writers note book at home and just working on editing and then show mum or dad if I have done it properly. I hope I can accomplish all these goals by week eight of term three which is this term.



May 17


Something I am working on is my grammar. This is because in dialogue sometimes I will not use talking marks or not put a full stop where there are meant to be. Sometimes I don´t put capital letters where they are meant to be and no question marks. The way I could improve on this by working hard in class and practicing  at home.


Do you guys need to work on anything?







April 27

Less We Forget

Hey guys,

On Monday it was ANZAC day. We all remember those who fought in the world war one to make our country what it is today. On Friday we had a prayer assembly about the ANZAC’S and why they are so important in our lives. Here is me reading a prayer of the faithful.


What do you know about the  ANZAC’S?