November 17

Recommendation 12

Hi guys,

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the Blewett report and how it explains the Recommendation 12. On the 25th off November politicians will be voting for clear labeling for palm oil on all products. We had to write a persuasive letter to the politicians to make them vote yes. Here are some facts about palm oil. I was surprised that it is in 50% of products, and in Sumatra and Borneo they are chopping down forest (deforestation) which is badly affecting the Sumatran Orangutans, Tigers and Elephants. I also learnt that instead of labeling palm oil as palm oil it is usually labeled as vegetable oil. I wonder if the politicians vote yes and we label palm oil, how many consumers would buy the products that hided palm oil from them? I predict that the politicians will vote yes because it will allow consumers to know what is in their food and have an choice in what they buy.  Here is my strongest reason why they should vote yes and my favorite paragraph from my letter.

“84% of people want clear labeling of palm oil on all products. Consumers want to know what is in their food.  83% also think that labeling should be mandatory through the law. 90% of New Zealand also want Mandatory labeling”.   


Would you say Yes or No?








September 2


Over the past week we have been learning about different types of poems.  Which includes Cinquain, Limerick, Haiku and a Rhyming. I think the most challenging poem was the Haiku because it has to be about nature, and in the first line all the words combined need to have five syllables and then next line seven syllables and last line, again five syllables. One of my favorite poems was the Cinquin, this is a very structured poem. And it includes, a noun in the first line basically what the topic is , and then second line is two adjectives. Line three is three verbs and line four is a detailed four words to represent the topic, and the last line a different noun about the topic. I am most proud of my CinquainFile_000 which was about lightning. In my honest opinion I really enjoy poems and I hope we do this topic again and so I can get better at them.

August 26


Today is St Margret Mary’s  Book week celebration which is where the whole school dresses up of their favourite book character. I dressed up as Terry from the Tree House series which is one of my favourite series. I wonder how many more books they will make of the Tree House. We had activity which was called Book Face, which was when we had to put a book in front of our face and try to make it fit. The most difficult thing was to try and fit the book with my face  so it could look perfect but I think it fir really well for me. I was surprized that my partners photo was pretty good but it took forever to get it perfect. Do you guys have any idea for a costume I could wear next time?






August 12

History With Fiction?

Hey guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Historical Narratives. A Historical Narrative is where the setting is set in a Historical time but the main story is fiction. It’s cool how you can change of bit of history but keep it realistic. My Historical Narrative story is about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, but when he is going back towards earth his rocket starts to malfunction. I discovered that there are so many different ways you can twist History and so many ways you can make History better. At the start of this topic I had no idea what Historical Narritive was about but  I know that it is really mind blowing. We also read this book about Rose Blanche. This book was set in world war two with Hitler and the Jews and how Hitler gassed all the Jews to kill them.





June 21

Keep It Or Destroy It

Hi guys,

Last week we had to write a persuasive letter to the council about keeping the tree or or crushing the tree. I was on the side of keeping the tree. The most challenging thing was to find good persuasive answers, to make my letter persuading. I was surprised at how many people wanted to cut down the tree. I wonder if this memorial is actual a thing in the world. Also this is a book about a grandfather that comes home from war and talks about the tree.

This is my letter to the council about why I think it should be saved.



June 16

The Masterpiece

Hey Guys,

Today I finished my masterpiece which I am really proud of. This masterpiece is about Donald trump losing his keys to his house and he has to be interviewed. The most challenging thing was trying to keep it funny but informational at the same time. I am proud of my self because I really tried to make this one of my best Screenshot 2016-06-16 at 3.00.25 PMwriting pieces and I think it  went well. Overall I really like this task and hope I do it again.

April 20

He Has The Brains

Today in Reading we learnt about Elbert Einstein. We learnt all about his history and how he became famous. Here are 5 facts about Elbert Einstein.

  • He was born in Germany – 1879 March 14
  • He failed his test to get into University
  • Once he failed his test he moved over to Switzerland
  • He figured out this formula E=MC2 (Speed of light)
  • He Developed  The General Theory of Relativity.

So know you know a little bit about Elbert Einstein

Click on the link to watch a Video about him.

April 12

Our Class Meeting

Hi, guys

On our first day back from holidays our teachers showed us Class Meetings. A Class Meeting is where a bunch of students go in a circle, with the chair who is the boss of the meeting and the chair chooses a note taker who writes down  what people are saying. The students have  little name tags that they turn over so the chair knows that they have something to say. Our topics where Donald Trump, T20 World Cup and Barkley Square bike ride. It was really fun and we are doing more of it in the future.sbGroup

November 30

Writing Fantastic Article

Yesterday we started Drafting articles for a class newspaper. I am writing my article about the most common cancers and most common cancer stages. So far I have found out that breast cancer is the most common cancer and the most common cancer that people die from. This topic is a bit tricky but I think I will get past it.


What topic would you choose to write about?