October 18



Hi guys,

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about Angles. I am most proud of how far I have come with angles, at the start I didn’t even know what a reflex angle was, and now I can draw one. I find angles very hard because you have to be very accurate with your measure. I learnt that all the angles in a regular Triangle adds up to 180 degrees. Its cool how you can tell if what degree it is just by measuring it. Next time I will remember to be more accurate with my measuring so when I come to an assignment with angles I will be ready.

Here is a video about the basics for Angles, so you guys can learn something as well.


– Josh   

July 19

Mathematical Treasure Hunt

Yesterday we had a treasure hunt inside of the school. We had to draw a map of the school from birds eye view and write step by step directions to find our little treasure items. My partner was Noah, I believe we really work well together and we did out best trying to make the treasure hunt hard as possible but not to hard. Our Learning Intention was to use North, East, South and West in our directions which I think we accomplished nicely.  We had to swap with another pair of partners and they were Alesandro and William. We had to use their map and directions to find their five treasures, and we did find all their treasures. After we found all their treasures we had to give them a two things they did well, and one wish. The other group said that our hiding places and our map was neatly done but if we could give more pacific location. There example was, we said that it was near the drink taps and we put it under the drink taps. So if we could’ve said look under the drink taps it would of been better. I learnt how to use North, East, South and West effectively to help people find me and Noah’s treasure. This activity was not easy or hard but it was really fun and I hope we continue on this road


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June 17


Hi guys

Yesterday  I explored The Crossing Fraction Method. This is a really fun method and easy to find the bigger fraction. The most difficult thing was working out the multiplication on which number it is. I wonder  if there is a easier way  to find out the bigger fraction. But l still found this is an easy way to find the bigger fraction.

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June 3

Multiple and Division

Hi, guys

Over the past few weeks the Seniors have been learning different strategy on Multiplication and Division strategies . My favorite strategy is the algorithm which I think is the hardest strategy because it is very complicated. The other strategy we have learnt is called the Split Strategy, which is pretty simple. This is by far my favorite topic in maths and I cant wait to share more.

Here is a video to show you the algorithm strategy for multiplication.


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April 14

Coordinates Make Shapes?

Hey, guys

Today in Maths we learnt Coordinates and we had to make shape in the grids and then write down coordinates of the shape.  My shapes where Triangle and a Diamond and we also had to flip the shape slide it and rotate it and write down the coordinates. This activity was a lot of fun and challenging.

What shapes would you have done?