December 9

My Last Carols

Hi guys,

Last Night we had our Christmas Carols. Sadly for me this was my last Carols at  St Margaret Mary’s. Both seniors joined together to sing two songs. They were, The First Noel and O little Town Of Bethlehem. My favorite song that we sang was The first Noel because I knew all the words of by heart. The most challenging thing was trying to keep the same pitch as the song. My favorite class was middle S because they sang my favorite song Silent Night and they sounded beautiful. We also had three whole school songs they were the Italian Santa Claus is coming to town, We wish you a merry Christmas and Jingle bells.  Overall I think all the classes did a great job and they all song greatly but one thing we could work on is trying different songs.

What’s you favorite Christmas Song?img_0542



November 3

Stewards Of The Earth!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the Creation and Stewards of the Earth. The first thing that I achieved was “Identify how human beings have misused God’s creation and name some solutions to environmental concerns” . I achieved this because now I understand how people misuse god creation. EG: People are littering which then is killing seals and other sea animals. Another one I have Achieved is. “Describe Pope Francis and the laudato si”. I achieved this goal because I understand how Pope Francis wants us to change the world from War to Peace. EG: This is the year of mercy so Pope Francis wants us to be kind and enjoy each other with love and peace, “ Build walls not bridges”. The last one I achieved was “Explain the concept of ecological conversion and identify how human beings care for creation”. I achieved this because I know that people are trying to make a change, so the world can come together. EG: The Year Of Mercy.

Do you know any of these things?

– file_000-1Josh

March 17


Hi guys,

Today for the grade sixes they had  St Patrick  Day Mass. It was pretty hot in the Cathedral but lucky we where right in front of the doors so we got the wind. There where about 2000 kids at the church and it went for 1 hour and 45 minutes so a kid nearly fainted. After the mass we had lots of fun games and a massive concert but in my opinion the concert was really bad. So overall it had ups ups and down.

Below there is a video all about St Patrick history.


Do you celebrate St Patrick day?



March 8



Hello Everybody,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Caritas India in Religion. We had three days to complete it either on google slides or a poster. In my group I had Ben and Norbu, As you can see down below there are some slides that we did about Caritas India.


February 23

Deng Adut The Hero

In Religion we have been learning about Deng Adut. Deng inspired me to always have hope when you are in a bad time or place. As you will see in the video it is full of hope and emotions as Deng goes through some tough times but he always hade hope. So I recommend to watch the video and see how lucky we are compered to Deng.