November 9


In Italiano this semester I learnt a lot about Italian Migration  story and how the Italians have impacted Australia. The person that I was researching was Called Johnny Di Francesco.  The impact that Johnny had on Australia was pretty big because he owns the number on rated pizza joint in the world.  This really inspired me \because it says even those your in a new country you still can achieve anything. I really like this topic And it shows how a lot of people can change an entire nation.  One word I really found interesting was quando”

October 28

Interschool Sports –

Hi guys,

Today we found out our Interschool sport teams, I am in the soccer team. I am looking forward to playing on the field because just before the game I always get that adrenaline rush. The skill I most want to develop on is 6d1dbdc836e775eea8db8aa5afe3f6b0Taking a touch into space. I think that chemistry makes a good soccer team because you all get along.


What do you think makes a good team?

May 27


Hi guys,

On Tuesday we had buddies, my buddy is called Ted. My 2 goals where to ask more questions to Ted  to be able to learn a bit more about him. My second goal was to be a good role model and show the right way to lead so when he is in grade six he can show his buddy how to lead.

Bye                  IMG_3334