October 4


Hey guys,

I have some new goals for you guys to know. My first one is to have a better attitude towards the teacher and show more respect. And the last one is to pay more attention to  the teachers and when they are explain stuff. So I hope you enjoyed my goals, and I hope I can achieved them.



September 15


Hey guys,


Over the past few weeks  we have been doing a migration menu.  This is for out Inquiry topic and we could choose from Issues, Policys, Migration waves Organization, I choose Policys. For out entree we could of ch, Explode the moment coose from ven digram timeline and mapping, I choose timeline. For Main We could choose a Historical narrative or Explode the moment, I choose Explode the moment. And for dessert I choose Imovie. .This included a Canape, Entree, Main, and Dessert. The most important thing I learnt was that it was very hard for Non – White people when the White Australian Policy Was around. I enjoyed making my dessert which was a Imovie  about The White Australian Policy. It was hard to write the explode the moment because I had to find described language. I think that I really enjoyed doing the timeline which was my entree and the timeline Is the big things that happened when the White Australian Policy was on.

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September 14


Over the past two weeks in art we have been doing Clay Models.  Christina taught us all about Clay and what components make up clay. I learnt that Clay drys very quick and that you have to be quick with your decisions. I want to know more about were the original clay comes from but Christina hinted that it is somewhere where water is. I am most proud of  my clay model even though the other one broke I am still proud of my work.  I really enjoyed this art project and I hope we do more with clay.

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September 2


Over the past week we have been learning about different types of poems.  Which includes Cinquain, Limerick, Haiku and a Rhyming. I think the most challenging poem was the Haiku because it has to be about nature, and in the first line all the words combined need to have five syllables and then next line seven syllables and last line, again five syllables. One of my favorite poems was the Cinquin, this is a very structured poem. And it includes, a noun in the first line basically what the topic is , and then second line is two adjectives. Line three is three verbs and line four is a detailed four words to represent the topic, and the last line a different noun about the topic. I am most proud of my CinquainFile_000 which was about lightning. In my honest opinion I really enjoy poems and I hope we do this topic again and so I can get better at them.

August 26


Today is St Margret Mary’s  Book week celebration which is where the whole school dresses up of their favourite book character. I dressed up as Terry from the Tree House series which is one of my favourite series. I wonder how many more books they will make of the Tree House. We had activity which was called Book Face, which was when we had to put a book in front of our face and try to make it fit. The most difficult thing was to try and fit the book with my face  so it could look perfect but I think it fir really well for me. I was surprized that my partners photo was pretty good but it took forever to get it perfect. Do you guys have any idea for a costume I could wear next time?






August 12

History With Fiction?

Hey guys,

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Historical Narratives. A Historical Narrative is where the setting is set in a Historical time but the main story is fiction. It’s cool how you can change of bit of history but keep it realistic. My Historical Narrative story is about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, but when he is going back towards earth his rocket starts to malfunction. I discovered that there are so many different ways you can twist History and so many ways you can make History better. At the start of this topic I had no idea what Historical Narritive was about but  I know that it is really mind blowing. We also read this book about Rose Blanche. This book was set in world war two with Hitler and the Jews and how Hitler gassed all the Jews to kill them.





August 3

The Heart Of Migration

Hi guys,


Yesterday all seniors classes went to the Immigration Museum. This was because we are learning about Migration. The most challenging thing was trying to do The dictation and keeping up with him. If you did not know the Dictation is where they test if you can speak the common language in that country. Three things I learnt is that 572 Americans have migrated to Australia. Another thing is that sometimes people just dont migrate because of war they might come for different reasons like Peace, Freedom, a New lifestyle or a New Opportunity and finally I learnt That you have to go into camps when you are migrating. Two wonderings I have is, Who came up with the name Migration? And Why do we need Migration? And one Opinion I have is That we should have bigger boats so people can stretch their legs and the government should supply the boat with food. I wonder how do we get these boats and how buys the boats? It was cool how you can go into the boast and see how difficult it was in there.



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July 26

Vietnamese Hero

Hey guys,

Yesterday Mũi Mũi a migrant from Vietnam came to St Margaret Mary’s. Mũi Mũi told us about her whole journey to Australia. I predict that you will not believe what Mui Mui had gone through. She had escaped from Vietnam by boat and on the boat  Mũi Mũi had to sit crossed legged with her son on one lap and daughter on the other and no food. She had to do this for five days and she was vomited on. It was a very overcrowded boat. She said the most difficult thing was keeping a positive attitude while kids were crying, people vomiting and no food or water. I was surprised that a human being could go through such hardship and still be thankful about it. Overall I believe Mũi Mũi is the most toughest and positive person I have ever met.

tạm biệtIMG_0934



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July 19

Mathematical Treasure Hunt

Yesterday we had a treasure hunt inside of the school. We had to draw a map of the school from birds eye view and write step by step directions to find our little treasure items. My partner was Noah, I believe we really work well together and we did out best trying to make the treasure hunt hard as possible but not to hard. Our Learning Intention was to use North, East, South and West in our directions which I think we accomplished nicely.  We had to swap with another pair of partners and they were Alesandro and William. We had to use their map and directions to find their five treasures, and we did find all their treasures. After we found all their treasures we had to give them a two things they did well, and one wish. The other group said that our hiding places and our map was neatly done but if we could give more pacific location. There example was, we said that it was near the drink taps and we put it under the drink taps. So if we could’ve said look under the drink taps it would of been better. I learnt how to use North, East, South and West effectively to help people find me and Noah’s treasure. This activity was not easy or hard but it was really fun and I hope we continue on this road


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July 11


Hey guys,

I am back from my holidays and I have come with three goals I would like to share with you. I am determined to be more interactive with my prep buddy. I can do this by talking and playing with him at play time and get to know him better. Its cool how my prep buddy knows a lot and I hope I can  help him expand on it. My second goal is to not distract others and focus more on my work. I can do this by not always sitting next to my friends so I can let them get on with their work and I can focus. My last goal is to work on my editing in writing but mostly reading over my work. I can work on this by doing writers note book at home and just working on editing and then show mum or dad if I have done it properly. I hope I can accomplish all these goals by week eight of term three which is this term.